About The Brennan Family – The Cork & Mores New Owner’s

Karla and Jeff Brennan were married in South Lake Tahoe in 2006. They fell in love with Tahoe and a bought a vacation home a few years later. They have been fortunate to enjoy much that this area ­has to offer with their daughter Jacqueline. As they drove up the mountain weekend after weekend they started to realize that they were ready to leave the hustle of San Francisco behind and raise Jacqueline in this unique and invigorating community.
The Brennan’s come to the area with entrepreneurial spirits. Jeff has run his own successful fitness business in San Francisco for nearly two decades. Karla spent over twenty years working for a family owned coffee roasting company in which she was intimately involved in product development. One of her more recent projects including launching a specialty line of teas. When they first started exploring The Cork and More, they saw a wonderful […]

Cheese Selections at The Cork and More

At the Cork and More we offer a wide variety of cheese from all over the world. Places like Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, and local counties produce unique cheese and ship it to our store! Any of the cheese we sell is shipped in bulk then cut into smaller pieces that you can buy to use at home, or create a cheese platter to enjoy at your next party.

We offer multiple varieties of cheese in every style.

Hard; Gouda, Parmesan, Cheddar, Swiss.

Stinky; Fontina, Taleggio, Mt. Tam Red Hawk Washed Rind, Camembert, Goat Brie, & Gruyere.

Soft; Saint Angel Triple Cream, D’ Affinois Double Cream, Domaine de Village, Taleggio, Camembert, Mt. Tam Red Hawk. (best on a picnic)

Lactose Free; Midnight Moon, Lamb Chopper, P’ Tit Bisque, Spanish Manchego, Rembrandt Gouda, Beemster Gouda, Feta. Any cheese that is aged over six months is lactose free, including some cheddar and Parmesan.

Blue; Blue Castello, Roquefort, Cambozola, Saint […]

Organic Farmer’s Market Salad

Organic Lunch Salads – Fresh from the Farmer’s Market
If you didn’t know already our deli makes all of our salads fresh everyday! When the farmers market is in town the deli uses only the best fruits and veggies fresh from the farm! If you want to make healthier choices this summer, or your just hungry, come back to our deli, and we will have you satisfied!